You may or may not know that we played Glastonbury in 2019. Didn’t you? Let us tell you… we played GLASTONBURY in 2019! Live on the Acoustic Stage, we braved the 90+ degree heat to rock the place. Here’s a couple of videos taken from the audience.







A clip from our performance at Cornbury Festival, in July 2019. A week on from our Glastonbury gig, we rocked up at Cornbury ready to entertain. We loved this show and were glad to get thousands dancing in a field along with us.

Credit to Witney TV who put this video together.




While at Cheltenham Festival in 2019, we were invited to perform for Sky Arts who were broadcasting live from the festival. Live on TV, without our lead vocalist Val – who was living it up over in New Zealand for three months – and with zero makeup, we nevertheless accepted. We played Watching the Detectives!

Credit to Sky Arts.




And here’s where it all started, in The House of Blues in New Orleans in 2016, after a few beers. Stuart Neville, local lad Bill Loehfelm, Mark Billingham and Doug Johnstone. And a guy from the house band playing bass who we didn’t know. Fun times.